New Home Construction

When you envision a home, you dream of an extension of your personality. But, you’ll also want functionality, easy maintenance, and the possibility of creating a warm, comfort zone that makes you feel secure and loved. At Augustyn Builders Inc., we understand that building a home is about helping dreams come alive.

Watching the structure come to life should be a delightful and memorable experience. Having undertaken hundreds of construction projects in Chicago, our focus is on converting houses and structures into living, breathing homes that you would look forward to owning. And, the one way to get there is by keeping costs well within budgets and delivering on schedule.

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Augustyn Builders Inc.
Augustyn Builders Inc.
Augustyn Builders Inc.
Augustyn Builders Inc.

Constructing Housing in Chicago

Should you check the Chicago housing projects list that we have worked on in the past, you’ll come across homes that we’ve built from ground up. Clients come to us with just a plot or a property and a concept of what their ideal home would be like. And, we make it happen. Don’t own a plot yet? Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll help you acquire the perfect property in the perfect community that matches your budget constraints. We’re proud to be a part of the development of the ever-evolving skyline of the Windy City.

We Make Houses

Talk to our expert architects about the concepts you have in mind. We’ll work with you to fill them out and give them shape and structure. Our expert designing team will have a discussion to understand what you’re expecting to see and create plans that match your thought processes entirely. From time to time, we’ll check in with you for approvals of each floor plan as we go along. Take all the time you need to choose designs and brainstorm with the team. They’ll provide you with in-depth practical information that can help you with the decision-making process. If you’re not quite sure about how the plans will look on completion, we have advanced software to develop 3D images to help.



At Augustyn Builders Inc., we understand that every client works on a budget. Rely on us to provide an itemized, detailed build estimate before you sign a contract with us. Before the onset of the housing project, you’ll have a clear overview of what to expect, without any hidden surprises. Transparency is essential, so you can plan the investment you might have to make. Interior designs or external facades - we can assist you with the most attractive home design options to choose from


On Schedule

Deadlines are important and we endeavour to make sure to follow timelines carefully. Barring circumstances that are beyond our control, our objective is to meet schedules or even, deliver ahead of time. Using state-of-the-art project management tools, we ensure that our contractors are lined up and ready to get started with each subsequent stage of construction.

Go ahead and plan the sequence of events that end in your being the proud owner of a beautiful new home. End your existing lease or sell the property you currently live in. Book the movers and send out invites for that housewarming party.

Augustyn Builders Inc. is a commercial & residential construction company offering residential and commercial construction work to Chicago and surrounding communities.